Hi!  I'm a working dancer, audition coach, and private teacher in NYC.  Besides my own coaching practice, I have also taught for Rema (Lion King, Color Purple) Webb's "On Broadway Performing Arts Program."


If you need help with your callback combination or audition prep, let's get to work!

"Schuyler is a born teacher and choreographer.  She has he ability not only to imbue people with the technical aspects of dance, but the spirit and fun of it all, as well." 

~ Hugh Copeland, 30th year Artistic Director, Hurrah Theater

TAP CLASSES (Beginners)

If you're 6 or 70, and you've always wanted to start tapping, for pleasure or fitness, let's start ASAP!

TAP CLASSES (Advanced)

If you want to get to that next level of tap, I can get you there!

"When I was directing an Off-Broadway children's show, Schuyler merged the cast's varied dance abilities into a sharp and impressive production."

~ Daniel Neiden

Next Steps...

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